Dear friends,

Welcome to our website!

We are so excited to take you into the world of JJ’s Wigwam, a place for children with parents in mind.

All our products are from Northern Europe, from Holland to Scandinavia; countries known for their quirky, colorful and stylish designs. Here you will find decorations, toys and accessories for children, but which will also appeal to their parents. From stylish baskets, perfect for storing dinosaurs after a busy day of play, to hobby horses and cuddly octopuses. JJ’s WIGWAM is the place to find something a bit different.

We are very proud that some amazing names like Ferm Living, Rice and Anne Claire Petit took the plunge and agreed to be part of JJ’s WIGWAM. We are always on the search for new things and updating new products, so if there’s something you’d like us to consider stocking, let us know; it’s the best part of our job.

Caroline Roelands. Originally from Amsterdam (no, not that bit!) Caroline has lived in London for over 7 years with her husband and 2 small children. She is the founder of JJ’s Wigwam. She studied International Fashion Management in Amsterdam and lived in New Delhi, where she attended classes at The Pearl Academy of Fashion. After working experiences in Los Angeles and Amsterdam, Caroline and the love of her life ended up in London. Here she worked with young children and followed an Interior Design Course at Chelsea Harbour before becoming a mother herself.

Get to know Caroline.

Why the name JJ’s WIGWAM?

I associate a wigwam with adventure, being on the move, colours a safe place, a capsule in a very busy world. A home for my two J’s: my children James and Juliana, where they can play, be inspired and loved!

Favorite toy as a child:

My baby doll, Jacobien! She was given to me by my grandparents. I carried her around everywhere. She came to school and to every holiday with me. I even have pictures of me skiing with her strapped to my back! She has been lovingly restored and is now in the not so safe hands of my 2 year old Juliana.

Favorite children book;

I love Miffy: the perfect bedtime story. The stories are also short, which tired parents will know is a bonus!

Item you own and love:

I’ve moved a lot in my life but always managed to make my tiny rooms feel like a home. There are not a lot of things that stayed with me, but I could never let go of Hans the Gans (Dutch for Goose). Hans is a working light in the shape of the swan-like bird. He is 30 years old but looks amazing in James’s bedroom.

Best thing about starting JJ’s WIGWAM:

I get so excited when new orders arrive, searching for new things, putting together a look and then seeing the results gives me so much energy. I have so many new ideas and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

When not working, Caroline loves:

Breakfast at the market, going for a morning run, falafel, late nights with friends, family bike rides on holiday, children’s bedtime, cruises and motorcades (don’t ask).

Favorite product on the site;

Where to start?! I love the fox light and the petrol wire basket, I might get one myself to store our wood!